Step Mom is a web cam slut!  |  (Random)

Step Mom is a web cam slut!

I wasn't feeling well so came home early from work tonight to find my step-mom's bedroom lit up like Christmas. I had to have a peek to see what was going on in there. Ever since my dad split it's just her and I trying to make ends meet the best way we can. I don't mind just living with my step-mom. She is a sweetheart and makes sure we have a nice house to live in. Little did I know what she has been doing to keep us living in this nice house! I walked in her room and she was only wearing lace lingerie and nude stockings. She looked to be talking to someone on the laptop. She initially appeared startled but then looked relieved to see me and propositioned me to join her on the bed. She said she does web cam work for her second job and I walked in just in time to help her earn a lot of money in a private show with her for one of her customers.

This was so weird. I knew I should have moved out of the house when I turned eighteen last year. Oh well, if it helps her then I should set all weird feelings aside and do as I am told. She said she was going to jack me off while this guy watched and paid us a lot of money. So long as I don't have to see who is watching my willy get wanked my by mom, I don't care. I laid down and she got to work making me hard. She said she was going to use her stockings, hands and feet to put on a good show for this pervy wanker. I never really looked at my mom in a sexual way before this. She is pretty sexy for an older woman. Girls my age certainly don't wear the kind of sexy lace lingerie my mom was wearing. All the things she was doing to my cock had never been done by anyone before. It was a little difficult to keep my dick hard knowing we were being watched and then she had to tell me now to tell any of our relatives about how we were earning the mortgage. I'm not sure anyone would believe me if I did say what I was doing with my mom. She is such a conservative prude to all my friends, always saying that her wild days are far behind her. It looks like her wild side caught up to her to me.

She made my dick feel so damn good I didn't want the show we were doing to end anytime soon but it had to. She pulled off her silky stockings from her long legs and wrapped them around my shaft. The combination of her hands in those stockings was making me crazy. I had never felt anything like it and was pretty sure she had given me a new fetish to enjoy during my next stroke session. She milked every drop of my cum from me. They guy watching must have liked what he saw cause he gave us a huge tip on top of the private show. I was happy to help my mom and she said this was going to be a regular thing from now on. Looks like I just picked up a second job without even trying. I hope she lets me keep her soiled stockings.

Date Added: 05/08/2022
Starring: Zoey Holloway
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 20 mins

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