Asian Stepmom models lingerie.  |  (Random)

Asian Stepmom models lingerie.

My step-mom is a hot little number. My dad has always liked his women pretty and petite. I think he married the best looking one of all the women he's brought home. Not only is she cute but she also is so polite and kind. It's like she isn't even my step-mom but more of a friend to me. I don't really want to move out of the house because she is so dang nice. Most of my buddy's have their own apartment or dorm room but I prefer to stay home to be near my step-mom and let her take care of me. One day things got a little more personal between us than the usual how's college conversation. She asked me to come to her bedroom and give my opinion on which lingerie outfit looked best on her. It's Valentines day coming up and she really wanted to surprise my Dad by wearing sexy lingerie. I have caught my mom changing in her bedroom when the door was cracked open. Her little tight body turned me on so much when I saw her that I immediately ran to my bedroom and rubbed one out. Now here she is asking me to look right at her with her permission and tell her which sexy outfit looks best on her?

Oh great, I just know I'm going to get a raging boner. How will I explain a bulge in my pants caused by her? Oh crap, she noticed. She didn't even get skeeved out at all that I got a hard on for her. She simply offered to take care of it for me. How polite and kind is that? She had me get comfortable on her and my Dad's bed which was a little weird. I got over that weird feeling real quick and laid down so she could take care of me. I would hate to think what could happen if my Dad came home and found me on his bed with his wife but my little head was overriding my big head at this moment and I wasn't about to stop it. I don't know if she was being extra nice when she said I am so much bigger than my Dad but it certainly made me feel like the man of the house for a moment. She worked my cock well with her small hands. Up and down and even twisting it slightly. Everything she did felt incredible. I could hardly believe my luck when she put her mouth around it! My mom was blowing me in my Dad's bed! This had to be the most wonderfully wrong thing to happen to me, ever! She got my cock nice and slippery from her saliva then continued to stroke me off until I blew a thick gooey load all over her small hands. Being the nice woman she is, she praised me for giving her my cum. She reminded me to not say a word to my Dad, to keep this experience a secret. This is getting filed into my secret spank bank memory where it will stay until I happen to see her naked again. Maybe next time I happen to see her changing her clothes she will invite me in to take care of me again.

Date Added: 07/08/2021
Starring: Jackie Lin
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 17 mins

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