My jack off fantasy about my step mom Maya  |  (Random)

My jack off fantasy about my step mom Maya

Your frumpy step mom is vacuuming as you sit around doing nothing. She wonders why the house is always so dirty and she reminds you that she is your step mother, not your servant. Whatever, you don't really care. You have a pretty sweet life living off of your parents. You blank out a bit and now picture your step mother vacuuming in sexy lingerie, wearing makeup, and having her hair done. In your fantasy, your step mother is now quite happy to clean for you and she promises to take the very best care of you. She directs you to follow her to the bedroom where she invites you to sit with her. Now she says how much she wants you, but touching you would be totally wrong. What step mom Maya can do, however, is to show you her body and teach you lots of things. You think that sounds great. She promises to teach you how to play with yourself. You want to suck on her titties, but that cannot happen, so step mom tells you to start playing with your dick. Get your hand moving up and down that dick slowly as she reveals her pussy to you. It is cleanly shaven and you can almost smell her. She confesses that the only reason she is with your dad is to get to you. With her ass in the air, she tells you how much she would love to have your dick inside her ass. You are ready to cum, aren't you? Yes, step mom Maya knows you are. She encourages you to deposit your sperm all over her big titties.

Date Added: 05/05/2021
Starring: Maya Hills
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 11 mins

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