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What possessed you to do that?

Why in the world would a young man your age take your fathers little blue pill? Its not like you have a girlfriend you need a hard on for. Guys your age don't need the assistance of a pill. I cant believe I got called home from work early to deal with this. I'm way too young to be a step mom to you. There is no way I'm going to embarrass myself in front of my colleagues by taking you to the hospital so we have to resolve this right here, right now. If you've been hard for 3 hours then we have only one hour left to get that erection gone. Go ahead, you know what to do with your dick by now I'm sure. You're eighteen for fucks sake so I know you have used your hands on that penis by now, many times. You have to jerk it until you cum.

Date Added: 06/23/2020
Starring: Pristine Edge
Company: ErosArts, Inc.
Running Time: 6 mins

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